More pointless and unproductive whining about Miers

I can’t believe how silly some of this stuff has gotten. Here, cross-posted for reference purposes, is my comment interchange from Two Minute Offense, where I agree with the core post, and take issue with some of the commenters, particularly one “courageous” person identified as “anonymous” and one Jeremy. Read their statements, but pay heed to Stan’s.
Oh, Jeremy- “I’ve yet to see any “personal attacks” against Miers”- go to Jonathan Adler’s posts at NRO where they make an extended point about how a typo in her questionnaire response (“contact” instead of “contract”- it is obvious that they had to rely on spell-check given the time) means she is too sloppy to be a SCOTUS justice when she is actually supposed to be meticulous, to see how petty the personal attacks have been.

And none of the opponents here have cited one specific documentably supported objection to the nomination. “Not conservative enough”? We simply don’t know. We can have ideas, but we don’t have actual evidence- the stuff about sending money to Gore, the feminist lecture series, and the Texas Bar affirmative action outreach (“quota”? Perhaps- ask the quesiton and don’t let her dodge it) are either already dealt with and well-explained, or we don’t really know yet and the answers will come from the hearings- if the SJC does its job.

Stan correctly points out that the Entitled Right Punditry immediately threw a giant temper tantrum when the nomination was announced and has been pounding on the floor and kicking its feet wildly ever since. And much of the commentary I’ve seen has been other unrelated recycled gripes, most of which are either incorrect, unimportant, fueled by ignorance, or are essentially unrelated policy differences (Katrina spending, steel tariffs, highway spending, drug benefits, immigration, etc.), giving the distinct impression that it was just time for us Real Conservatives to have a good cry over the fact that the American public and Senate are not enough in agreement with us so we get to have our own way about everything. I heard almost exactly the same caterwauling in 1986 and 1987 about another Republican president who now looks to have been a pretty good president.

The thing to do now is what we should have done several weeks ago. Dig for all the information we can find, publicize it without the side comments, let our representatives and lobby organizations know our well-supported views and concerns based on facts (e.g., send Sekulow a letter, enclose a $20 contribution), ask our senators to be sure that certain questions are answered appropriately (I could provide a list), and wait to see what the hearings turn up.If Miers looks bad, she will withdraw. If she looks good, she will be confirmed. If she looks liberal, the center-right senators will vote “no”.But the state of the “debate” to date has been appalling. The best comments on substance have been made by John Hinderaker and Paul Mirengoff at Powerline- go read their stuff.


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