The World is Safe, Thanks to Sen Klobuchar

Forget the Global War On Terror (GWOT).  Of course, my advice isn’t needed, since the entire Dem caucus, along with Republican senators Warner, Domenici, Alexander, Lugar, and Hagel already have.  They propose to substitute regional “diplomacy”, which seems to mean asking Iran and Syria to help provide political cover as we flee and leave the cradle of civilization to their civilized control.  That makes the new name the “Global Talk On Terror”, or “GTOT”.

 Ironically, Minnesota’s junior senator, Barbara-Mikulski-clone Amy Klobuchar, who has been casting about looking for Her Signature Issue, seems to have been inspired by that “Gee, Tot!” acronym, and she has unveiled her Global War On Toys as the only appropriate use of American power.  And she has been joined by the distinguished Sen. Durbin in being Outraged.

 This perfectly mirrors 21st century America, as we strive to emulate the glorious 20th century military and diplomatic record of France.  After all, It’s For The Children.


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