Name that Withdrawal Date!

Tony Blankley wrote a column reacting to the Democrat “You Tube Debate”.  Among his impressions was this summary of the Iraq Surrender Auction, where each candidate was offering a different deadline for withdrawing US troops and turning Iraq and Afghanistan over to al Qaeda and the Taliban: “How quickly would you retreat from Iraq? And here, the candidates had clearly been doing earnest research before the debate. Gov. Bill Richardson said he could get all the troops out in five months. Sen. Christopher Dodd claimed he could do it in seven months, while Sen. Joe Biden was insistent that it would take a full nine months to a year to move American troops and civilians down the two-lane road through Basra to the sea”.

Does this evoke a memory for anyone other than me?

 “Joanne, I can name that tune in six notes!”

 “Harvey, I can name that tune in FOUR notes!”

“Joanne, I can name that tune in THREE notes!”

“Harvey, name that tune!”

Of course, the Dem version is: “I’m Joe Biden, and I’ve worked out a way to move out American troops and civilians in nine months!”

“I’m Chris Dodd, white-haired because I’ve been working tirelessly in the Senate, and I can surrender in just seven months!”

“Well, I’m Fast Billy Richardson, and I can give up Iraq to decapitating thugs in just FIVE months!”

Bill, wave that white flag!


2 Responses to “Name that Withdrawal Date!”

  1. notfromaroundhere Says:

    I’ll stay away from arguing Iraq politics with you but note that your little anecdote, reminding me of the strangest and silliest game show I can remember from my childhood, evoked an audible laugh over here in jolly old England!

  2. Shefaly Says:

    And now General Petraeus, the only man likely to have a reliable opinion on the matter, says it is more complicated than that. Hm. Watching that congressional enquiry was one of the highlights of my trip. The questioning style was reminiscent of Jeremy Paxman about whom NFAH can probably say more…

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