Cheney was right- the NYT says so!

The most ubiquitous swipe taken daily by the denizens of the Left at The Evil Liar BuSh, is the standard “He lied about WMD!”. The number two line is the obligatory reference to Cheney saying, in the run-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, that we would be “greeted as liberators” by the Iraqi people. The reference is always followed by a mournful recitation of the sins of the occupiers and why we are therefore hated for invading the beloved homeland.

I wonder if anyone else noticed, in NYT reporter John Burns’ story on the historic election, the casual Gray Lady reference acknowledging that Cheney had been very much correct in that assertion:

Burns says, “There had been no day like it since the first American units arrived to the cheers of crowds and the tossing of flowers in April 2003, and that lasted barely 24 hours, as unchallenged looting began to devastate the city.” (emphasis added)

Seems to me that the VP should be out there making a few characteristically amused and understated comments about his finally-recognized vindication.


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