DISCLAIMER: The post below is intended as gentle and good-natured poking fun at Prof. Reynolds, whose blog is the first one I go to every day. This is post not a slam- it is, perhaps, a tribute of sorts, like TKS’ forthcoming inclusion in the American Heritage Dictionary as creator of “Pajamahadeen”.


The Super Bowl was yesterday, and the field was full of self-absorbed professional athletes who like to refer to themselves in the third person-

“If TO catches the ball, we win; if they don’t throw to TO, we don’t.” (made-up quote, to illustrate the point)

After the self-aggrandizing third person talk, and then the “royal “we”, we come to the newest phenomenon- the “Blog Prefix Identifier”! This is the newest rage in Brand Identity. For example, an emergent star of the last election campaign was Jim Geraghty of the National Review “Kerry Spot”; he is now fixing to move to Turkey, as reward for his labors, with, of course, “Mrs. Kerry Spot”.

But the king of all is also the originator of the practice, the High Lord of the Blogosphere- of course, Professor Reynolds, the one and only InstaPundit. His household is rounded out by the InstaWife, the InstaDaughter, and so on.

The question: is this new blog-based naming convention a clever branding technique, or the work of the InstaPompous? Do we have here, with the InstaPreponderance of Insta-this and Insta-that the perfect example of the InstaProtoNarcissist? Or just a happy InstaPapa who tells bad jokes as the InstaPunster, and InstaPrattles about a wide variety of topics, for example, blogging recipes (thereafter needing to do some jogging, er, that would be InstaPlodding, in order to avoid becoming an InstaPorker after trying out all the food).

Of course, we get a lot of photography blogging as well, as the InstaPundit morphs onto one of the InstaPaparazzi, taking care who and what he “shoots” around Knoxville- take too much interest in the wrong lovely (just for observational purposes, of course, sort of like Powerline’s Rocketman’s academic interest in reporting on beauty contests), and you may find your self the object of InstaPursuit by a large irate and unjustifiably jealous guy wanting to beat the perfessor to an InstaPulp, after which his carrion would transition into InstaPutrefaction.

One area we don’t generally expect to see covered on the blog, though, is housecleaning. We anticipate that from Lileks, but last weekend Mr. Reynolds became the InstaPurifier as he waxed rhapsodic over an addictive cleaning product (BTW, are we sure that that was happenstance blogging as opposed to the latest clever runs of product placement? First blogads, then product placement? Does Hewitt know about this?)


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